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Aesthetic Acoustic Solutions

The primary function of an acoustic product is to absorb sound. We believe that achieving the desired result should also come with aesthetic appeal. Our textiles not only enhance acoustic performance but also add richness to your interior.

Product Specifications

  • Standard size - W 60 cm x H 240 cm x D 0,9 cm
  • DWC Textile on a PET felt panel (60% recycled PET, 40% PET)
  • 5 available fabrics (Suedine, Mehari, Coconut, Velvet, Limbourg)
  • Different colors available for the PET felt panel
  • 4 patterns
dwc Product Specifications
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Acoustics values

values Glued directly to architectural
wall: αw (ISO 11654) = 0.35 (MH)
SAA (ASTM-C423) = 0,49

Hung on a French Cleat 20 mm:
αw (ISO 11654) = 0.50 (MH)
SAA (ASTM-C423) = 0,64


Within the DWC Acoustics collection, it is possible to customize the acoustic panels. We can increase the height and width up to 280 cm in height and 120 cm in width. We also accept custom patterns that can be applied to the panels. Contact our team for more information about the possibilities.

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