What does DWC have planned for the year 2022?

What does DWC have planned for the year 2022?

A new year has arrived! Time to look ahead. What do we have planned for Dutch Walltextile Company for the year 2022? In this blog we like to share what new developments will be ahead, and what our goals for the year will be.

The 2022 collection will be more sustainable

In the coming year we will expand our range of materials. We have quite some things planned for our new collection. The collection that we will be launching next year is entirely produced with GRS-fabrics. GRS stands for Global Recycled Standard. Fabrics that carry the GRS label meet the standard of the amount of recycled material in the fabrics. This involves tracking the manufacturing process from start to finish. We will launch this collection in the third quarter of 2022, presenting an even broader supply that meets the demands of our time.

We have been planning to do more with sustainable fabrics for quite some time. However, the availability of these materials was very limited. The textile industry falls a bit behind when it comes to sustainability. This is partly due to the fact that supply chains are very long, and many parties, each with their own interests are involved. In addition, the demand for sustainable fabrics had always been relatively low. Therefore the supply was minimal too. The fabrics that were available often did not match our style. Fortunately, we now found beautiful sustainable collections that we love to work with. We believe the demand for sustainable fabrics overall has increased, and textile producers have become more conscious.

Sustainability remains a priority

Sustainability is a theme that is more and more (..) with consumers, and it has been on our radar for a long time. We have an ecologically responsible production process in house, and we only produce on order intake. We thus only produce what is demanded. We do have some raw materials in stock, to keep delivery times acceptable for our customers, but whatever is left of that can be used for all sorts of other purposes. Leftover fabrics, for instance, can be used for the production of curtains or the upholstery of furniture. Waste is minimized as much as possible in our production process. And we will continue to do so in 2022.

DWC already uses a backing with a non-woven material that is free from plastic. In addition we are testen with an eco-variant for this backing. If these tests will have positive results, and we will be able to use the eco-friendly backing, we will have come full circle: we will be using recycled fabrics, eco-friendly backing and water-based glue.

Service will be optimized with a B2B-webshop

Meanwhile at DWC we are working on a bit of optimization. In the background we are working on the development of a B2B-webshop. The idea is to optimize the service for our clients and partners. In 2022, this will allow the order flow to run even more smoothly.

With the new digital system, a B2B-login will be available on our website, which will take customers and partners to a professional environment. Here, for example, they can request extra samples, extra images of the fabrics, or extra background information with just a few clicks. Prices are also visible and quotations can be requested. The new system should make the flow even easier.

National and international focus

One of the things that is still high on our agenda is the international focus. As a label, an international market is key. However, this is probably going to remain a challenge this year because of the global pandemic that still is not over yet. We think it will continue to be difficult to attend international fairs and events, or to organize meetings.

When it comes to events, we are going to focus mainly on local Dutch fairs this year. Fairs we will be attending again in 2022 are Architect at Work and Design District, both in Rotterdam, and The Independent Hotel Show in Amsterdam.

In 2022 we will probably still have to deal with some other challenges that the pandemic brings. There is a general scarcity of materials. The yarn or finishing often has to come from places far away, for example from Asia. Even though we work with European weavers. Delivery times have increased because many factories had to lay down their work. There is a lot more uncertainty now in these kinds of external factors, and that will require extra flexibility from our side.

We continue to spread the brand

Furthermore, a major goal in 2022 is to still continue to grow. We have come a long way since the founding of DWC. We have secured a good position in the luxury segment of wall textiles. Next year we want to strengthen that position even more and, both nationally and internationally, continue to spread our brand around the world. That means introducing even more interior professionals to our products, and inspiring them on their next projects

What we always and still in 2022 hope to do, is to keep making people happy with our beautiful materials. We are excited to be able to pursue this on an even broader scale!

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