Welcome to the Dutch Walltextile Company

Welcome to the Dutch Walltextile Company

The Dutch Walltextile Company was born when a love of interior design and a passion for handcrafted and authentic textiles collided. As a producer of textile laminations for several generations, we were searching for a new challenge. In 2014 we set our sights on how we could make our traditional product function outside of the typical manner. And after years of perfecting our craft, we are excited to bring some very special textile wallcovering elements to the world of interior architecture and design.

From Laying the Foundations of a Design

Our craft is creating wall coverings out of textiles that give true personality to any space. Through our research and developments we’ve made it possible to turn some of the world’s finest fabrics into unique wall treatments. From Italian velvet to Indian silk or Belgian suede, our collections offer elegance alongside bold design with a modern twist. The use of non-woven material makes the application process easier and the outcome smoother and more predictable. We focus on creating collections that will bring light, movement and character to a space that standard wall treatments can’t.

To the Finishing Touch

Interior designers and architects are always looking for the element that will make their projects stand out, or ways to create a certain atmosphere. And we’d like to think that we have found a way to give every space the personality that it deserves with totally unique, finely handcrafted and meticulously curated wallcovering collections. Wall textiles are pieces of art in themselves while providing an unexpected foundation for the rest of the design.

We’re Along For the Ride

We would like to invite you to join us on our journey as we bring our specialty wallcoverings to more spaces around the world. You can follow along with our newsletters and blogs as we will be sharing all sorts of tips on how to use wall textiles, design inspiration, event information and stories about our unique collections.