The Top 4 Winter Interior Design Trends

The Top 4 Winter Interior Design Trends

As most design enthusiasts know, many trends in culture reflect on each other, particularly between interiors and fashion. The recent runway shows across global fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris surprised many by presenting continuous themes and trends from previous seasons. The global culture trend is starting to realize that many aspects of design and culture are truly timeless. When it comes to sustainability and craftsmanship, it’s not always about the latest trends, but what can reflect a person or a place’s style for years to come.

The top four trends we have been seeing are not necessarily new, but like the shows during the September fashion weeks, and at the interior shows Salone del Mobile and Maison & Objet, they seem to be the trends that are here to stay.

  1. Wallpaper/Wallcoverings: Today’s interior designers are less and less afraid of taking risks and pushing the boundaries when it comes to their designs. One of the most striking places you can make a statement in a space is on the walls. When it comes to this trend, doing your research and taking the time to make a decision is essential. All three of the following trends can be incorporated into a space using wallcoverings.

  2. Color: Over the last five years we have seen stark contrasts in design and the use of color. Monotone spaces can be just as powerful as a bright rainbow infusion. Color is one of the most important aspects of our lives and our interiors. It dictates our moods and the vibes of a room. A range of blues and beiges, olive green, dusty rose, mustard and ochre are all big colors for the new year. A wide range of color choices can be found in our Blush, Sandstone, and Moire collections.

  3. Boudoir Chic: Velvet, velvet, velvet. This trend started several years ago and is still being seen everywhere from furniture to the high street. Luxury fabrics in general represent the boudoir chic, moody and mysterious trend we are seeing this winter in interiors. One amazing way to combine color and velvet is with a wallcovering from DWC. The Kingdom, Boudoir, Caribou, Lodge and Tartan collections in particular offer the rich texture of velvet in an unexpected place.

  4. Scandinavian Cool: Nope, it’s still not going anywhere. The clean lines, and in-touch-with-nature undertones of Scandi style continue to be extremely popular. Natural materials, earth tones, warm accents and buttery leather are all aspects of the Nordic style. We have a wide range of artificial leather wall treatments, as well as a broad selection of natural linens and silks. With the Mehari, Fusion, Silk, Musa, Desert or Clayton collections from DWC, you are sure to find the Scandinavian design element that you are looking for.