Reflections On A Year Like No Other

Reflections On A Year Like No Other

Back in January, Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC) was looking forward to an exciting calendar of the world’s biggest and best international interior design trade shows. But who could have predicted the year that followed?

Let’s reflect on some of the trends to emerge from the past 12 months and take a look at what new year holds in terms of our new collections and opportunities to engage with our customers.

Home Interiors

Whilst 2020 posed huge challenges across the design industry, DWC remained busy with orders for domestic properties. Many people used lockdown to focus on their homes, remodelling and reconfiguring their interiors.

Spending more time at home seemed to elevate the importance of interior design for many people, and making homes more pleasant and luxurious became a new priority. Demand for premium wallcoverings, like those produced by DWC, remained strong.

Commercial Interiors

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses also took the opportunity to refurbish. With the hospitality sector locked down for long periods, hotel and restaurant owners seized the chance to make plans for the future re-openings post-pandemic.

As a result, many interior designers were inundated with work and our luxury wallcoverings were in high demand.

At DWC we’ve been busily preparing our new collection for 2021. For us, velvets and natural materials remained popular in 2020 and we see that trend continuing into the next year. In particular, our Caribou collection continued to outsell other lines.

The new season’s colours are likely to chime with an ongoing trend for ‘natural’ products – so expect beige and neutral tones to be popular. With travel severely limited at the moment, changing styles at home could be the next best thing: our latest collection is Safari inspired. Expect further details of our new collection in the new year.

New Year’s Wishes

We obviously missed the face to face contact with our customers and we hope to welcome them back at trade shows, and at our showroom, as soon as it’s safe and possible. In the event that restrictions continue into the new year, we’re also excited about organising virtual or socially-distanced, COVID-safe visits.

In 2021, we’re aiming to showcase more of our offerings via social media. As the pandemic restricted the programmes we were able to offer, we’re also planning more specialist training workshops for decorators. At DWC we use specialist methods and we work hard to ensure that paperhangers and painters have the right kind of training.

It goes without saying that although lots of transactions for our materials are made online, textiles are tactile and need to be touched to be appreciated. There is a strong emotional response associated with textiles so we hope things get back to normal soon so we can get back to meeting customers in person again.

In the meantime, customers are always welcome to view our showroom, collection books and samples to give them a sense of the quality of each textile. However, our office is closed between 21 December and 4 January.

We hope all our customers stay safe and have a happy and healthy New Year.