Introducing InteriorMX

Introducing InteriorMX

Last year, Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC) had the privilege of joining other high-end Dutch interior design manufacturers as part of InteriorMX.

But what is InteriorMX and how does being part of it benefit DWC?

Collaboration In Quality

This exciting co-operative, whose founders include Rob Koemans of Alphenberg Leather, Hans Luiken of Dofine, and Edgar Heins of Maretti Lighting, is a group of seventeen companies who collaborate rather than compete.

From sophisticated home automation to luxury wallcoverings, InteriorMX members bring different specialisms to the table – offering both commercial and domestic clients a complete package of interior products and services.

With most customers requiring multiple products to complete their desired interior projects, working together makes sense for our business.

One Vision

So how did DWC get involved?

The collaboration grew out of a trade fair conversation between us and Rob Koemans of Alphenberg Leather. We discussed our products, projects, and customers. It became clear we shared the same vision: high-end interior projects should complement each other.

It works in practice – not just in principle. When working on shared projects, the co-operative supports each other; making recommendations and adjustments as each project evolves.

Not only that, but the collaboration also extends to trade events where InteriorMX can present itself to clients as a unified group of businesses working towards the same interior design goals.

From a DWC perspective, this concept was really appealing and interesting; it was something that we felt fitted with our company aims going forward.

Unlocking Doors

The benefit of being part of InteriorMX is that we can combine our client-bases and make new introductions. For example, there will be clients of the other InteriorMX collaborators who are not yet clients of DWC and vice versa.

In this way, InteriorMX enables companies like DWC to open its doors to new people and new leads, helping each one to make new connections.

Quality Assured

Our association with other Dutch, luxury interior companies also raises the profile of DWC as a producer of high-end quality wall-coverings. But what’s really exciting for our clients is that the InteriorMX collaboration can offer a more unified experience when coordinating a project.

Together, we’re able to provide the total concept to clients. And because each member has proven industry expertise and experience, clients have first-rate levels of quality assurance.

Interested in learning more about InteriorMX? Like to find out more about how we could collaborate on your next design initiative? Contact DWC today or visit the Interior MX website!