A talk with our client: Erik Rauch – Operational manager - Luxury By Nature

A talk with our client: Erik Rauch – Operational manager - Luxury By Nature

At DWC we work together with interesting and inspiring clients. We are excited to chat with them, and ask them about their vision for the future, their creativity and what inspires them. This time we speak with Erik Rauch, operational manager at Luxury By Nature.

How would you describe your interior design style?

The style of Luxury By Nature can best be described as contemporary classic with a twist of our own. We love a hint of colour, texture, and warmth. This translates into 'customizing', making beautiful, luxurious details slightly different. A nice contrasting piping with to finish a decorative pillow. Rich curtains, equipped with a nice fitting contrasting lining. An armchair combined with two types of fabric. This does not apply to everything we do, but these are the details that make all the difference.

How did you come into contact with DWC?

It starts at the beginning. You start with your first collection. You introduce yourself at a fair as a brand. And you try to get people excited about your product. In this case, we were invited by DWC to come to a fair where they were standing. Curious about their story and product, we decided to take a look. And it clicked right away. So you could say that we've been working together with DWC from the very beginning. We used wallpaper in our first little shop. And DWC should not be missing in our current property.

What does walltextile add to the interior compared to other wall finishes?

Wallpaper always provides an added value above untreated or painted walls. Wallpaper gives structure or pattern. It can stimulate the imagination. But textile goes a step further. It provides warmth, texture, and intimacy.

Compare it to a room with a poured floor and shutters. That is, of course, beautiful. But if you put down a rug and add curtains in the corners, it not only improves the acoustics, you also create a 'coat' that makes it cozy and comfortable. This also applies to walltextile. It provides richness and colour.

Many designs from DWC also have structure and a combination of colours. This makes it a very grateful product to apply in an interior.

What is your most beautiful project with DWC? What are you proud of?

Over the past years, we have applied many meters of DWC. On large walls and with statements. It is also easy to combine with other brands, because the colour palettes of DWC are very well coordinated. We are proud of all our projects. They’re all equally exciting and fun to deliver. We really put our heart and soul into it together with the customer. And we dare to show an identity.

Last year we furnished a bar in the basement of a private home. There we used the Tartan on the ceiling with indirect lighting. It gives such a cool effect!

We also show this in our store, with different style rooms in a beautiful old mansion. Here we show what colour, texture, and material can do. And that it's not scary to play with colour. What colour combinations - well dosed - can bring about. We play with styles and patterns, with shiny and matte materials. With fabric, leather, wood, metal, glass, you name it.

A lot of people are looking for a new curtain or wallpaper, but an interior is a total of links. There has to be a connection. Not everything 1 on 1, because that gets boring, but a connection between all items. In the end, the goal is to create a beautiful and warm interior.

What is your favourite collection at DWC?

Of all the wallpapers, I think it's the Tartan. This wallpaper has the feeling of a worn velour wallpaper. It has character. If you like outspoken, then I would say the Caribou. The combination of gold thread and velvet is of course brilliant. It will not surprise you that both wallpapers have been applied in the furniture store/wallpaper store of Luxury By Nature.

Do you also use the DWC collections as separate fabric? Do you process it in curtains, pillows or the upholstery of furniture, for example?

To be honest, we only work with the wallpapers of DWC. Our fabric collection is one of the most extensive collections in the Netherlands. And we carry more than 30 brands. No matter how big we are, sometimes we too have to make choices. But I can imagine that we will start applying the separate fabric of DWC in projects.