A talk with our client: Eszter Radnóczy – Lead designer/Founder – este’r partners

A talk with our client: Eszter Radnóczy – Lead designer/Founder – este’r partners

At DWC we work together with interesting and inspiring clients. We are excited to chat with them, and ask them about their vision for the future, their creativity and what inspires them. This time we speak with Eszter Radnóczy, lead designer at este’r partners.

How would you describe your interior design style?

“My interior design style is mostly characterized by uniform harmony. I'm not exactly a follower of the absolute minimalist style, but I also avoid overdecoration. I studied interior design in Milan, so I would say the Italian influence can probably be noticed in most of my work.

Another thing you can always notice in my work is a little bit of spice and humour. The world is too serious without a pinch of humour. On the other hand, the design style always needs to adapt to the architectural and external environment and the needs of the client too. We regularly visit design fairs all over Europe; I aim to know the trends and create something unique for each and every client in contract and in residential projects as well. “


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Where do you get your inspiration for your work?

“My main source of inspiration are travel and art exhibitions, but also fashion and food. We are surrounded by art every day as our office in Szentendre is also an art gallery where we showcase the paintings of an ancestor of my husband.

The building itself is a century old villa which was my own renovation project. I wanted to keep as much as possible from the old tiles, patterns and wooden beams of the building while transforming it into a modern, functional, airy space with lots of natural light. Our colleagues always liked working in this inspiring place.

I also like to sail along the coastline of Italy and to travel and explore the architecture and culture of other nations. Even when I see the same iconic building the millionth time, I always discover a new detail on it that I haven’t noticed before and it keeps amazing me.”

How did you come into contact with DWC?

“We discovered DWC at the Maison & Objet design fair in Paris several years ago when visiting with my colleagues. I remember how beautiful those panels were where the wall textiles were exhibited in a big size just like you would see them on a wall. I already fell in love with the 3-dimensional woven techniques back then. They were absolutely unique so we started collaborating with DWC right away. “

What does walltextile add to the interior compared to other wall finishes?

“In one word: style. A classy, elegant, noble look and feel for every space of a home. The DWC walltextiles give that noble, elegant style to the spaces that reminds us of the richness of the old world with a contemporary touch.

We dressed the walls of the bedroom of our Estorio showflat in the DWC Dune walltextile and every time I walk into that room it feels like home. It adds to the acoustics of the space as well by absorbing the sound, which is especially nice in a bedroom where we are aiming to tune down. Every DWC textile is a high-quality product and all the patterns are well studied. Whoever touches them, understands the centuries old knowledge behind textile production. 

DWC is an excellent, contemporary alternative to the old walltextile coverings we know from castles and noble palaces with a modern and easy applying technique, which is perfect in monument restoration projects.”

What is your most beautiful project with DWC? What are you proud of? 

“The project I am most proud of is our Estorio showflat where we can show our best and which also works as a showroom for the brands we represent and commercialize. Our biggest project so far with DWC is the Emerald Hotel in downtown Budapest. As the name suggests, the hotel had an emerald green golden yellow colour concept. Because of the gem and precious metal in the name, an elegant abundance of rich materials was applied to the surfaces.

There was no question that we had to use DWC walltextiles in the common areas. Our choice fell on the DWC Caribou that perfectly embodied our idea of the feel one has to have when entering the lobby. As we had a very specific colour code, DWC made a custom colour for us. The result got published in many design magazines online and offline. The collaboration went so smoothly that we were sure we wanted to do more with DWC than just use their products in our designs. From that time on we became their exclusive distributors for Hungary.”

What are you working on at the moment?

“We started our new commercial activity little over a year ago and created the Estorio showroom to share all those special products of excellent quality that we like and have good experiences with.

Since then, we were able to pass on our passion for DWC to several other architects and interior designers that started to use these unique walltextiles. Our own interior design studio is working on a very exciting hotel project near an important transportation hub with a vibrant design and I am excited about seeing the DWC wall textiles blending in nicely with the other materials in the chosen colour concept.”

What is your favourite collection at DWC?

“I like all of our projects for different reasons. I’m most proud when we can keep the original design and we can realize our imagined design plan without too many changes along the way. Emerald hotel is one of these. My favourite project is always the one we are currently working on.”

Do you also use the DWC collections as separate fabric? Do you process it in curtains, pillows or the upholstery of furniture, for example?

“It is a great tool in the hands of an interior designer to be able to apply the same textile of the wall to other surfaces like bed covers, headboards, wardrobe inside covers, pillows or even as furniture upholstery, as it has a high enough abrasion resistance to do that. We especially like to combine the same material and pattern of the wall on other surfaces in different colour that gives the space a smooth harmony.”


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What kind of projects do you have planned for the coming time?

“This is a very exciting period for us as we are currently working on several different high-end hotel and residential projects. One of these is a five star boutique hotel in the most upscale city around Lake Balaton, where DWC products get an important role as well.

We are also looking forward to our growing number of foreign projects currently being designed by us in Denmark and in Sicily.”