A talk with our client: Lonneke van der Weyden – Co-Founder and Owner – Keijser&Co

A talk with our client: Lonneke van der Weyden – Co-Founder and Owner – Keijser&Co

At DWC we work together with interesting and inspiring clients. We are excited to chat with them, and ask them about their vision for the future, their creativity and what inspires them. This time we speak with Lonneke van der Weyden, Founder and Owner of Keijser&Co.

How would you describe your interior design style?

I like to combine timeless furniture, fabrics, and materials with some playful elements. By playing with colour, texture, or shapes, you make an interior exciting without losing balance. A unique fabric, piece of furniture, object, or wall textile can mean a lot. I also find art very important. I love to combine it with other works. At my home, I have a piece of art in every room. It truly personalises your interior.

How did you come into contact with DWC?

I've seen the collections several times, but I also started working with them during the setup of Restaurant Ovum. We're still extremely pleased with the result.

Jurrit van der Waal | DWC

What does walltextile add to the interior compared to other wall finishes?

At home, in our showrooms and in projects, I always use wall textile. Although a good paint colour can also be an addition, wall textile makes the space speak just a bit more. The options available today are endless. This aligns perfectly with the bespoke collection from Keijser&Co. I also always feel that it has a positive effect on the acoustics.

What is your most beautiful project with DWC? What are you proud of?

The tall walls in Restaurant Ovum, thanks to the Caribou, have become eye-catchers that stay attractive as time goes by. A year on, we still receive many positive reactions. People want to see and feel it; they view it as inspiration for their homes.

What is your favourite collection at DWC? 

The Caribou, because it has texture and a print. The different colours also make it applicable in different spaces. You can still combine it with art or something else without it becoming too overwhelming.

Do you also use the DWC collections as separate fabric? Do you process it in curtains, pillows or the upholstery of furniture, for example?

At Keijser&Co, we work with many fabric houses. DWC can also be applied to our furniture, so perhaps soon we'll be able to deliver another great project with furniture in DWC fabric.

Nidum Boetiekhotel | Copyright Jurrit van der Waal

Which project are you looking forward to? Or are you most proud of?

The hotel rooms of Nidum Boutique Hotel were designed by various designers. I also furnished one of the six rooms, just like the communal spaces. The hotel was a big task, but when you see the final result (thanks to the other designers and many collaborations), they've really become inspiring spaces. I'm genuinely proud of that. 

What would you love to design/furnish in the future?

I continue to draw energy from all projects. Both large and small, hospitality and private. Every project can offer inspiration. You can give every nook a creative detail; that's the beauty of this job.