A talk with our client: Jeroen de Nijs – Interior architect

A talk with our client: Jeroen de Nijs – Interior architect

At DWC we work together with interesting and inspiring clients. We are excited to chat with them, and ask them about their vision for the future, their creativity and what inspires them. This time we speak with interior architect Jeroen de Nijs .


How do you describe your interior design style, and why does DWC fit into it?

We do not want to confine ourselves to a single style, as each client and location deserve their unique design. We filter out the DNA and convert that into a design that fits uniquely with the individual and belongs in that place. That makes our work very diverse and difficult to categorize. The diversity of DWC matches perfectly with this. For every concept, there is a suitable textile to be found.

How did you come into contact with DWC?

There’s a great collegiality among interior architects and at events or trips there’s always a lot of exchanging of information among each other, including about DWC of course.

What does wall textile add to an interior compared to other wall finishes?

 During the designing process, you are always looking for the right balance between hard and soft materials in different textures. Wall textile is a beautiful addition because of its rich appearance and often also has an acoustic function.


Photographer: Peter Baas

What is your most beautiful project with DWC? What are you proud of?

In the new book by HOOG, we are featured with a beautiful project that we are very proud of. In this total project, our architecture, interior, styling, and garden design come together. The soft and touchable DWC wall coverings are in beautiful contrast to the other earthly materials.

What is your favourite collection at DWC and why?

In that project, we applied Wallstreet to achieve a retro-modern look that fits beautifully within the interior concept.


Photographer: Peter Baas

Do you also use DWC's collections as separate fabric? For instance, do you also use it in curtains, cushions, or upholstery of furniture?

In another bedroom project, we extended pink velvet curtains (Kingdom collection) into wall textiles, with a very sensual final result.

Which project are you looking forward to?

I am almost finished with the renovation of my house in Amsterdam, and slowly but surely all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. This will truly be a delightful home in which, of course, DWC has been applied, for instance in the bedrooms.

What would you like to design/furnish in the future?

Due to the TV show "De Perfecte Verbouwing," in recent years we have mainly focused on private homes in the most diverse forms. That’s what we are good at and we enjoy it a lot. We do this throughout the country, but I would also like to design something in an idyllic setting abroad.