A talk with our client: Ingrid van der Veen – Interior architect

A talk with our client: Ingrid van der Veen – Interior architect

At DWC we work together with interesting and inspiring clients. We are excited to chat with them, and ask them about their vision for the future, their creativity and what inspires them. This time we speak with interior architect Ingrid van der Veen.

How would you describe your interior design style, and why does DWC fit into it?

My interior design style is eclectic and uniquely Dutch, with a striking use of colours. I combine different textures and patterns in a way that, despite their diversity, forms a harmonious and soothing whole.

My designs tell stories, and to realise them, I’m building an extensive design library. This approach enables me to design many custom-made items, which allow me to add a personal touch to spaces and simultaneously add value to my clients' business.

DWC fits perfectly with my style as it allows for customisation, creativity, and the telling of unique stories through design; all elements that are central to my work.

How did you come into contact with DWC?

I was already familiar with DWC before entering into a collaboration. Our collaboration came about when I participated in various trade fairs, where DWC's wall textiles were integrated into my designs. This was visible at prestigious events such as the Masters Expo and the Independent Hotel Show. During these fairs, I had the opportunity to demonstrate how DWC products seamlessly complement my creative vision and design aesthetics.

What does wall textile add to the interior compared to other wall finishes?

Wow, everything! Wall textile adds a unique dimension to interior designs compared to other types of wall finishes. In my designs, walls often play a leading role.

I love to experiment with patterns on walls. Not just a pattern in wallpaper, but really adding elements. Moreover, I sometimes use wall coverings in unusual places, such as counters, table legs, etc., to create a unique effect.

The special thing about wall textile is that it literally adds an extra layer. A design gains much more depth and it makes it possible to play with patterns, colours, and textures in a more creative way. This allows for light to fall on the walls in different ways to create playful or luxurious effects, depending on the intended design.

Wall textile offers the opportunity to bring more depth into designs and better align them with the stories I want to tell.

interior ingrid van der veen

What is your most beautiful project with DWC?

I am very proud of the 'Staatsman' project. During this project, I faced an interesting challenge regarding the walls on which the DWC wall textile has been applied.

Originally, there were hidden cabinets in these walls, and I had to decide whether to keep them or not. I chose not to keep them, mainly because they were not very pleasing to the eye, and I feared they would quickly be filled with all kinds of stuff, which wouldn't add much to the space.

By closing these cabinets and incorporating patterns from the original ceiling into the walls, I transformed them into an integral part of the entire interior design. This specific shape now appears in multiple places in the space. The project demonstrates my ability to transform spaces and integrate elements in a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing manner, combining historical features with modern design elements.

What is your favourite collection at DWC and why?

My favourite collection at DWC is undoubtedly Kingdom. What particularly appeals to me is the combination of a fine base with depth and softness. Caribou is also among my favourites.

What makes them stand out for me are the fine texture and the beautiful colours that emerge in these collections. These properties make them not only visually attractive but also versatile for various design projects. They offer the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, which is essential in my work. 

Do you also use DWC collections as a separate fabric?

Interestingly, I often forget that it’s possible to use DWC collections as a separate fabric. Normally, I focus mainly on using the products as wall coverings in my designs.

The idea of incorporating these fabrics into other elements such as curtains, cushions, or furniture upholstery is certainly an intriguing thought. It offers new possibilities to create coherent and unique designs, with repetition in style and texture throughout the entire space. This is definitely something I would like to consider and explore in future projects.

Ingrid van der Veen interior

Which project are you looking forward to the most?

I am eagerly looking forward to my developments in Africa. I am currently in talks for several hotel projects there, and these prospects are particularly exciting. The idea of bringing my design experience and style to an entirely different continent and creating unique and inspiring spaces there is something I am very much looking forward to.

Although it is not yet certain whether I will integrate DWC products into these projects, expanding my work area to Africa gives me the opportunity to explore new cultures, materials, and design aesthetics. This will undoubtedly enrich my work as a designer and offer new perspectives.

What would you like to design in the future?

I am working on the development of my own avant-garde projects, which embody the essence of my design vision. These projects encompass not only the interior but also the architecture of the entire building, down to the staff's clothing. My ideas range from innovative restaurants and (floating) hotels to beauty salons and ice cream parlours.

It is an exciting challenge for me to bring these concepts to life, with each element seamlessly matching my aesthetic and functional vision. The prospect of one day walking through these spaces, designed by me from top to bottom, is something I am really looking forward to."