Interior Wallcovering Training At Dutch Walltextile Company

Interior Wallcovering Training At Dutch Walltextile Company

High-quality wallcovering products need high-quality installation.

But finding a decorating professional who can apply wallcoverings to the highest standard can be a difficult task. What was once a specialised profession is now commonly performed by general painters and construction workers who don’t necessarily have the right qualifications for the job.

But we’re looking to change that here at DWC and are actively addressing the skills shortages we’re seeing by offering training programmes at our premises!

Learn From A Leading Industry Expert

We’re really excited to be launching this new initiative, and see this as an opportunity for us to offer a great new service to professionals in our industry – at the same time as widening the pool of talent we have available, and providing a better service and end results for our customers.

We’re also pleased to be partnering with wallcovering veteran, Chris, who has a long and esteemed history in the industry. His father was a master applier and Chris is an expert in wallpaper and wallcoverings. Chris is also a long-time DWC collaborator who we turn to when developing new products and collections. His help in troubleshooting issues and ongoing advice on the best application methods continues to be invaluable.

Socially Distanced Sessions

Under Chris’s guidance, we’re going to be inviting people from our network to sign up for a series of training events at our own facility in Amsterdam.

Depending on numbers, we’re looking to host 3 to 4 sessions with 6 to 8 people in each group. Not only will this allow us to maintain social distancing, it’ll also mean we can give attendees closer training on different application methods.

We’ll start by demonstrating the basics, but we really want participants to have the chance cut, try and apply – to really work with materials. At our trade stands, we usually have two large, wooden crosses to which our wallcoverings can be applied, so we’re going to install these in our showroom for training purposes.

Course Content

Our introductory sessions will cover the basic principles: what equipment you need, what you need to do, how to check the wall, how to make the right measurements, and how you calculate the material needed.

Our products incorporate a huge variety of materials including silks, linens, velvet and polyester, and each one has its own properties in terms of how it needs to be cut and applied – so we’ll also cover how different materials need to be handled.

With email invitations going out shortly to professionals and our dealer network, we’re looking forward to beginning our socially-distanced training sessions later this month.

Interested in attending? Complete our short form (in English or Dutch) and we’ll contact you!