Installer Profile: Chris Speelman

Installer Profile: Chris Speelman

Luxury wall coverings, like those produced by Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC), require a professional installer to achieve a finish worthy of the product.

J.Speelman & Zn have been in the business of luxury wall finishes for over 60 years. From silk wall coverings to luxury wallpapers, they are industry experts offering high-end craftsmanship and expert knowledge.

Professional installer Chris Speelman (son of original founder, Joost Speelman) talks to DWC about his passion for the perfect finish and his ongoing collaboration with DWC.

How long have you been working with DWC?

From left to right: Yuri, Tim, Chris, Marcel

From left to right: Yuri, Tim, Chris, Marcel.

I’ve been involved in the development process of DWC wallcoverings from the very beginning. The founders approached me for an advisory role, asking me to share my extensive expertise in installing wall coverings with them. As a result, we regularly work closely together on a wide variety of projects.

Can you tell us more about your team and what you do?

I currently work with a small team of four permanent professionals who take exceptional pride and care in the quality of our installations. High-quality wallcoverings are a growing trend in interior design, partly due to the beautiful collections of DWC.

This has created an increasing demand for professional wall covering specialists. For that reason, we’ll soon be offering training and workshops in collaboration with DWC.

What kind of materials do you use?

We work on all kinds of projects, both small and large assignments, from private houses and apartments to commercial projects – such as luxury villas and hotels. The products we use are very diverse so we’re used to working with a wide range of materials, including: linen, silk, velvet, leather, photographic prints and, of course, all kinds of traditional wallpapers.

Can you describe the application process?

The process itself depends very much on the materials being used, but an essential feature of any luxury wallcovering installation is the use of good, professional tools. For that reason, we choose to use the best wallpaper brushes, spatulas, rollers, sharp knives, and scissors.

In terms of the installation itself, is there anything you need to be aware of before you begin?

Obviously the substrate and wall must be checked beforehand to see whether it is suitable for the chosen wall covering. We always use the recommended adhesive and processing instructions for the best result.

For a good distribution of the strips without unnecessary cutting loss, we think in advance about where to start on a wall or room, and it’s crucial to make sure that the first strip is straight!

How long does the application process take for a typical job?

That depends on the job because no project is the same due to the diversity of customers, stylists, locations, tastes and materials. That’s what continues to inspire me and make my job so much fun!

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