Finding The Right Fabric At Dutch Walltextile Company

Finding The Right Fabric At Dutch Walltextile Company

Sourcing materials from around the globe through a network of suppliers enables Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC) to use local expertise and bring clients the highest quality fabric for their wallcoverings.

Whether silks from India, linens from Belgium. or jacquard velvets from Italy, DWC prides itself on sourcing from countries with strong reputations for producing specific fabrics, and only the best will do.

But how does the team at DWC go about selecting a wallcovering for a particular project?

Style comes first. The overarching style of a project determines what type of fabric is needed. A more luxurious project is more likely to use velvet, whereas a contemporary design will often incorporate linen or silk.

We produce wallcoverings in real linen but we also have a mixed composition which is finished in linen. The same goes for silk: we can supply real silk or composite.

Because linen and silk are natural materials, the composite versions provide greater strength and durability. In addition, our linen and silk products have a stain repellent treatment which makes them easier to clean.

Choosing the right wall textile is a key decision in the overall design concept for a project. It can be purely about design, it might be about acoustic combination and also price range.

Typically, the architect or interior designer will have a plan for what they want to achieve so the style is already set. DWC does visit projects, but usually we start by supplying samples of fabrics requested.

However, we also like to suggest alternatives, for example a silk-look over a silk, where we think a particular project might benefit. We like to offer clients variation of choice and materials – particularly if it’s something they may not have known about or considered before.

Working with the design, price range is usually a consideration for many clients. The type of materials will affect the cost – more natural materials are more expensive. Something like polyester is more middle range.

A fairly recent development for us is our ability to offer fabrics which are printable – so that is something else which clients can consider. At the moment, we have six types of polyester-based fabric treated with printing coating to give a high quality finish and colour consistency. We’re also open to designers choosing their own fabrics if they can’t find the right textile in our collection.

At the moment we’re really excited about incorporating recycled materials, using PET (polyester) and other fabrics made out of reusable materials such as plastic.

There’s a growing trend and market for projects which incorporate recycled materials and we’re keen to be a part of that.

But, the thing about trends is that they’re constantly changing… so stay tuned! We certainly are.