DWC Went All Out For Maison et Objet

DWC Went All Out For Maison et Objet

As we mentioned in our last blog, the DWC team went all out for the first Maison et Objet event of the new decade – held in Paris’ Villepinte Exhibition Centre between 17 and 21 January.

Arguably the World’s biggest professional interiors event, over the last 25 years M&O has established itself as the place to get a closer look at what’s trending in decoration, design and lifestyle – where cutting-edge contemporary living meets business and creativity on a global platform.

More than 2,700 exhibitors from 71 countries came this year, so it was our chance to impress with our latest collection of luxury wall textiles for high-end interiors; and learn more about what buyers are looking for right now.

Beyond Luxury

This year, more than ever, it was clear that consumers were looking for something beyond opulent materials and original design. We saw a definite shift towards ecological ‘value in things’ at the event – right across decoration and design – in furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances and tableware.

It was little surprise then that this year’s M&O events are themed around the consumer habits of young people; so there were a number of climate-conscious brands present, and a broad selection of natural and virtuous materials being billed as ideal home and workplace interiors.

In addition, industry influencers were citing handmade cloth layers and dark green colourings as the key design markers for 2020.

Showcasing Our Own Collection

Always conscious of being on-trend, we were delighted that our own selection of textures and colours continued to turn heads.

Blending traditional craftsmanship with modern tastes, some of the key pieces on show included natural tones and textures interwoven with luxurious Indian silks, Italian velvets and Belgian cotton.

Our collection included:

Matera: a warm, authentic and natural linen fibre in 14 soft colour tones.

Bobcat: a luxuriant velvet leopard print available in 5 colours.

Sideman: a thicker fibre creating a straw-like structure available in 9 colours.

Timotee: a richly textured fabric resembling the intricacies of lion skin.

Wicker: a uniquely patterned weave of subtle tones alluding to serpent skin.

Serpente: a fabric with a serpentine influence, available in a single colour.

Our aim was to emphasise the adaptability, diversity, and resilience of this new collection – and there was definite interest from architects, designers, hoteliers, and home-decor professionals alike.

All things considered, given the response we received, the event was a definite success.

While the next few months could prove an uncertain time for all, we remain open for business and positive in our outlook and hope colleagues and customers stay safe and do what is necessary to keep their businesses afloat.