Dutch Walltextile Company: Fabric Selection

Dutch Walltextile Company: Fabric Selection

As with any product, quality assurance and quality control are integral features of luxury wallcoverings. At Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC), quality assurance begins with the selection of the right fabrics and the most suitable weavers.

Our expertise and market knowledge is crucial for selecting the right partners for our collections. We know where to search for different types of fabric and we’ve established long-standing partnerships with manufacturers across the world whose quality we can trust.

So how do we know when a product is ready to become part of the DWC collection?

The Testing Phase

At DWC we pride ourselves on selecting the finest materials before commencing production. This means that our products undergo a rigorous testing process. We always run a test production on new materials to check their performance in the machine and on the wall.

At this stage, we scrutinise the product’s consistency and performance in terms of colour, production, and application. From the report made at this testing phase, we can select the materials for our final product.

The Mother Sample

For every new material that makes it into our collection, we take a ‘mother sample’ and from that we take a piece of the material. Using that piece of material we set clear parameters for the quality of fabric and store it for future use, checking and comparing the quality of all subsequent batches.

Firstly, the fabric is scanned and scored based on the colour to make sure it fits our stringent parameters. Secondly we test the material using a light box to check the colour and in a visual sense what it looks like in different light.

At this point, we check that the product still meets our standards in different conditions. In our logistics department, every roll of fabric is checked in this way to ensure consistency of quality.

Before the fabric becomes a wallcovering, it goes through another machine process on a light box which enables us to detect any holes or weavery irregularities.


Once a product reaches the production stage there are checks in place to identify any faults. We run the checks again before we apply it, before it's produced and before it’s shipped. Our production team checks for quality and then checks again: before the final packaging and before shipping.

Our quality assurance doesn’t stop at the end of the production line. Packaging and shipping are important parts of our business. Clients need our products to arrive factory-fresh.

For smaller orders, we ship our products in tubes to protect them from damage. For larger consignments, we transport our products on pallets with a unique hanging system which stacks the rolls securely and safely.

Whatever the project, DWC delivers quality.