Customised Wall Coverings

Customised Wall Coverings

Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC) has established a global reputation for exquisitely designed, luxurious collections of wallcoverings, rich in texture, colour and style.

But what if a client is seeking something different? Something more bespoke and unique? From video games to cars, people love customisable products, so why not expect the same when selecting wall coverings?

Our Collections

Because DWC continually develops and launches its own collections of wall coverings we’ve accumulated an extensive treasure trove of materials and colours. Naturally, our current collections are kept in stock, but for the customisation process we’re also able to delve into our back catalogue of designs and search for new products that meet our client’s needs.

In addition, if clients present us with a new type of material, we’re able to run it through a stringent testing process to check it will meet their specifications – and actually work on the wall. In this way, we source the right fit ourselves rather than outsourcing to another manufacturer and lose some of our quality control.

Creative Clients

Interior designers usually know what they want and they’ll provide a specific material of their own. We advise them to send us a 3 metre sample so we can put it through our machine. If it’s from a mill or weavery that we’ve not worked with previously, we need to check that the material will be an effective and desirable wall covering. So we’ll create a sample of the wall covering to check it meets our standards and our client’s requirements.

If the results from a 3 metre production test are successful, and all parties are satisfied with the quality and finish, we can commence manufacturing.

Creative Process

Of course for a truly bespoke wallcovering, we can also offer a custom-weave.

Working with our weavers we can create materials from scratch. This process would usually begin with a digital pattern from our client which is sent to our printer to create. If the outcome is favourable, we produce a second sample, and if satisfied, the client approves production.

This way of working is an upward trend for us right now. For DWC it gives us the chance to find the right fit for our customers by creating something that’s off the menu. For our clients, it gives them the opportunity to create something truly unique and special.

Not only that, it also means that DWC can join a project later on in its development and yet fully integrate into an evolving design process.

Award-Winning Partnerships

DWC has had the privilege to work with many award-winning designers. So how have they utilised our customisation process?

Renowned Dutch interior designer, Robert Kolenik, wanted to use our Boogie Woogie collection for a commercial project. At the time, it was only available in silver or bronze, but Robert wanted to customise it in gold for a casino interior – so we sourced it from our weaver.

We’re also doing this for designers and fabric companies who want to create their own materials. In this way, we become part of the creative process and, because we work with printable textile wall coverings, we can offer technical knowledge and advice on fabric treatments to get improved colouring results.

A great example of this is our work with the multi-award winning designer Anna Glover who uses our polyester silk. We’ve helped her to produce her own creations on various materials for her ‘Silk Route Collection’, creating different effects on different materials including imitation silk, velvet, and raffia.

All things considered, if you want something new, exciting, or unique in your next wall covering, we have the experience and expertise needed to make your idea a working reality.