City Sanctuary at Hotel TwentySeven

City Sanctuary at Hotel TwentySeven

Top interior design firm Casus Casa recently teamed up with Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC) to create some of the most opulent hotel interiors in all of Amsterdam at the prestigious Hotel TwentySeven.

Let’s explore how Casus Casa’s deliberate use of DWC wallcoverings helped to create the ultimate luxury experience at Hotel TwentySeven.

The Hotel TwentySeven Experience

Hotel TwentySeven is an extraordinary and sensational hotel located in the centre of Amsterdam in The Dam Square. Comprising sixteen exquisite suites of boutique luxury, it’s a sanctuary in the beating-heart of the city.

Formerly a neglected historic building consisting of empty floors and attics, Hotel TwentySeven required extensive renovations to become what it is today. Overseeing the design concept was award-winning designer, Wim van de Oudeweetering, from creative studio Casus Casa.

The Hotel TwentySeven Design Vision

In the heart of Amsterdam, Hotel TwentySeven is a hidden sanctuary and safe haven from the world outside. But how exactly do you create that kind of atmosphere in a busy city centre?

The answer? Luxury wallcoverings and textiles. The three-dimensional wallcoverings created by DWC are made from rich materials which lower sound resonance. And in this project they were also used in the chair coverings as part of a flowing design vision.

Restoring & Rejuvenating

The building itself is monumental so the hotel had to be brought to life in a way which was sensitive to the past. For example, existing antique tiles had to be copied and the stairs had to be sensitively continued right up to the sixth floor.

Having worked with the hotel owners on previous projects, Wim van de Oudeweetering was familiar with his clients but the Hotel TwentySeven project was a uniquely different challenge. With sixteen suites containing bedrooms and dining areas - some of them measure up to 200 square metres.

Collections Bobcat 50 & 82 were used throughout the main suite: Room 603. The project needed a luxurious and high-end feel, so the products used created a protective atmosphere and added a layer of sound-proofing.

A range of prints and silks were used together with panelling. Bronze tones helped to build that sense of being protected from the outside world, and rich DWC velvets are also a feature.

Why DWC wallcoverings?

The benefit of using DWC wallcoverings is that they are applied like traditional wallpaper yet they create a truly luxurious finish. In the past this would have been very difficult to achieve.

As a result, Room 603 is a tremendous showcase for the luxurious design possibilities of DWC products. You can now order your sample of collection Bobcat here.