A talk with our client: interior designer Dick Mulders - DMD Amsterdam

A talk with our client: interior designer Dick Mulders - DMD Amsterdam

At DWC we work together with interesting and inspiring clients. We are excited to chat with them, and ask them about their vision for the future, their creativity and what inspires them. This time we speak with interior designer Dick Mulders of DMD Amsterdam.

What is your vision for the coming year? What kind of new trends will you expect to see?

To be fair, I don’t really want to focus much on the latest trends. We are very customer focused, and I notice that many of our customers are looking for a complete package. They want a complete picture in which everything is perfectly coordinated. Something that lasts longer than the latest trends. Something that really matches with the residents. Especially during the pandemic it became clear how important it is to feel at home in our own house, in our own space between our four walls. Therefore it is important to make timeless styling choices. At the same time, we always want to keep surprising our clients. Timeless does not mean that it’s not refreshing.

It starts with a balanced design, followed by a solid renovation. With every project we pursue, we design a signature piece. This can be a handpicked piece of art, for instance, or a striking staircase, a specially designed fireplace, a bespoke carpentry, a large chandelier above the dining table, or a wallcovering wall textile with a special kind of texture. A signature piece is something that is specially designed for the customer, that is completely immersed into the design, and most importantly, something that greatly impacts the whole. Altogether these components create the perfect picture. An environment that offers comfort and luxury. Bold luxury!

What kind of projects do you have planned for the coming time?

At the moment we are working on several inspiring projects. We are designing the interior of an authentic Amsterdam canal house, with a monumental library and a bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Also, one of our projects consists of the redevelopment of the estate Marienwaardt in Warmond. Another involves a modern villa in (West-Friesland). A sunny holiday home near Barcelona, Spain. All very different projects, but one as challenging as the other.

We always take close care that the design perfectly matches the wishes of the resident, but at the same time we want to surprise them with our designs. The surroundings in which the space is located, is a source of inspiration. The designs must be a beautiful fit. In the modern villa in the West Friesland province, for instance, you can enjoy a wonderful view. That is something that you want to appreciate in the interior designs. You want to respect the beautiful surroundings. With the Amsterdam canal house, we are working with an authentic and century old building. This means that you can’t design it without keeping the authenticity of the historic venue in mind. You want to give the monumental ornaments a proper place in the complete design, and surely not hide them away.

We also enjoy taking our customers out of their comfort zones, with surprising details in the design. And that is what we are for, of course. It is our job to create designs that our customers would never have thought of. That is what makes it exciting. But what we must always take into account, is that a house must feel like home.

How did you become acquainted with the brand DWC?

I went to Salone di Mobile in Milan for the first time, and that’s where I met Boudewijn, I remember he was a first-timer too. I thought his wall textiles were very refreshing and distinguished. In my view they are very ‘Dutch’. With this I mean they have an honest and authentic feel about them, slightly direct, modern but at the same time linked to a long history of unique Dutch design.

Ever since that first time we met, we saw more of each other on design fairs and cocktail parties. We have spoken with each other a lot. It was the start of a beautiful collaboration. I have used DWC’s wall textiles in several of my projects.

How do you use wall textiles in your designs? And what do you feel wall textiles can do to a space?

Many wall finishes can be quite harsh, they lack tactility, they do not have a pleasant touch. Wall textile does have that very much so. It can make the room more intimate and distinguished. It gives the wall a soft, tangible feel, one that you could never create with another type of material. When I say intimate I don’t mean that it only belongs in the bedroom. It can go greatly with other spaces like the living room, on the mantelpiece above the fireplace, for instance. When I say intimate I mean to say that it creates a warm feeling. Latex or other materials can be functional, but wall textiles are much warmer.

The textures of wall textiles are unique and surprising. Wall coverings are often something that makes people think twice. It makes them think of wallpaper with cheap colorful motives. But wall textile is something completely different. It is a very refreshing concept.

What kind of interior design do you think goes well with wall textiles?

I think practically every design that has guts goes perfectly well with wall textiles. Designs with guts, and the same goes for our designs, are characterized by timeless and authentic materials and state-of-the-art textures. Wall textiles are a great match with this style. And more importantly: it creates a luxurious atmosphere.