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Luxury Safari

Bring the African savannah inside with this collection full of natural tones and structures. The Timotee and Sidemen have a beautiful grass-like structure, like the vast grass plains as seen on a safari. The grass weaving provides a natural and playful result and gives the dark shades a lighter look and feel. The reed pattern combined with a diamond-shaped structure of Wicker creates a chic ambience. Even more daring are Bobcat, Serpente and Buzz that subtly bring the wildlife of Africa into your room. This daring wall textile, sometimes with a hint of velvet, is complimented by the calm Matera. Which is made of sturdy linen in various neutral tones that keeps the collection in balance.









Neutral Surroundings

This collection full of timeless and neutral wall textiles consists of different structures and fabrics. The nostalgic palette of neutral colours of the Sandstone range, containing warm earth tones with brown, grey, and reddish nuances, contrasts the Tartan line, which is characterized by its deep, intense shiny colours. The silk collection is expanded with the multicoloured handmade silk Musa, which also retains its beautiful natural whimsicality in the loom. These three fabrics all form a beautiful contrast in combination with the Mahari collection, a vegan leather in a matte appearance.

Sophisticated Nature

Nature and urban connect seamlessly within this collection. The Pebble, Birch and Driftwood take their inspiration from natural patterns, while Suit and Blush look more modern. Due to a slight shimmer, these wall coverings are also a beautiful counterpart to the wall textiles with a touch of velvet. Velvetino, Suave and Pietra are made of delicate velvet in subtle patterns and give the collection its softness. The colours of the items in Sophisticated Nature range from natural soft tones to fresh nuances. Therefore he different types of wall textiles can be combined in the same shades.



Nature of Sorts

Perfect natural imperfections. The structures in Nature of Sorts are small, smaller, grand. The fine weaving of Silk comes to life through its original irregularities and its soft silky shine. The Linen, which is somewhat coarser in texture by nature than collection companion Silk, also decorates the wall in the way the light brightens the tread. The somewhat heavier Caribou is made from velvet with a clear structure, which gives a hint of antlers in the mist. The calm tones of the silk are complimented with the slightly heavier colours of the Linen and the exciting print of Caribou.

City Life

Sleek patterns, subtle shimmers, and a touch of metallic, the City Life collection has everything for a unique look. The Noblesse for example, a jacquard woven wall textile in natural tones, but with a hint of gold thread for the luxurious feel. Or the Boogy Woogie, super soft velvet on a shiny metallic background. The sleek Clayton of vegan leather balances the collection out with its matt appearance. The other types of wall textiles also have something unique, from satin to a slightly coarser linen structure and from subtle patterns to striking shapes.







The originals

This collection comprises special wall coverings in a wide range of different styles. Inspired by nature, Clouds, Rainforest and Desert will bring a hint of earthly life into your room. The chic Kingdom refers to lavish luxury and Wallstreet reflects a more modern touch. They have one thing in common; all are made of high-quality materials, such as shiny silk from India, luxurious velvet, and soft suede. The colour palette is characterized from deep tones to bright tones and pastel shades. This collection shows a solid foundation for any unique interior.


Osiris Hertman is a design studio designing both architecture and products. High-quality designs and materials are highly important at Hertman. The high level of detailing and unique designs fit well with the wall textiles of the Dutch Walltextile Company. The studio designed the luxurious wallcovering Dune exclusively for Dutch Walltextile Company. Made of soft velvet, but with a whimsical pattern as a contrasting twist.

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